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// lagomorph, a lagomorph…what the hell’s a lagomorph?

Hello Internet, it’s been a while…again. Sorry for that, life is life.

In 89 days I will be moving, the original plan was to move in with the SO, but life is complicated….sometimes in ways that aggressively piss me off…and as such, for the first few […]

Friday's Thoughts - Train Side - June 13, 2014

King Street Station, Alexandria, VA


It’s been quite a week for me. Early last week I mailed off two applications to state parks in different parts of the state. One in the part of Virginia that I hail from, the other in the part of Virginia, I *wish* I hailed from. Of course, […]

Life, Love, Learning & Anxiety: Part Two

Last week, or rather over a week ago, I posted about my anxiety attacks. They’re a big part of my adult life, something I never really experienced as a child. Well, at least in their present sense. I have always, always been a nail biter. (Which is why you will never see me post […]