Wordy - July 1st, 2015

Day Five: Marriage Has Not Been Destroyed

So The Supreme Court of The United States did a thing. And imagine that? Five days later, I am happy to report that Virginia has no devolved into a giant sex orgy where Teh Evehl Gahyes are preying on heterosexuals and that most of the “traditional” marriages […]

Things I Want to Talk About - January 8th, 2015

It’s been a long week for me. I’m progressively getting tired earlier again, which means the freedom of vacation has worn off already. I was ready to go home to Birmingham and visit, but the downside to such a trip was a reminder of just all the ways I have messed up my life in […]

Thursdays Treasury - Long Weekends

Long weekends, the mythical reason we all live for, or at least if traffic is any indicator…DC lives for. Nothing like the perfect timing of a holiday to shut down I-95 for a day solid. I myself prefer the use of Amtrak when I can manage it. It’s usually quite, air conditioned and have WiFi […]

It's Been A Week

Oh, has it ever. But I finally came up with a solution for my tank problem:

Half of my tank-top collection in a drawer.

Surfing pinterest I found this suggestion, however the primary issue here is accessibility. I layer a lot, in fact I spent most of my late teens and early twenties running […]

Stinky Plants & Shoes That Fit

For every pair that fits, there were a dozen that didn’t.

And that’s why when we find a pair that does fit…we embody this:

“Shoes” in this case are both literal and figurative in my life. Literally, I have zero luck finding shoes that are not ankle length or higher. So when I do…I […]