Thriftstore Thursdays: Bad Habits: Buying Things for a Life I Don't Have

In this life I decorate for every holiday with tons of cutesy thing-a-mabobs that I will show off while having a dinner party wearing a sweater thingy….

Working in a thrift store is a constant test of my willpower. Some days are better than others…I leave things I want behind, other I spend more […]

I'm feeling a bit ArtDeco this Monday

So Eric and I are a match made in estate sale heaven, or hell…if you’re our house or roommates. We both love thrifting, junking….digging through piles of crap to find the jems at the bottom. He’s goes after the video game, general nerdity and practical things…like tools. I tend to go after the shinny things, […]

Thrifty Thursdays – Just Another Work Week

Today’s post is all about the #firstworldproblems. You see…I work in a thrift store. You’re probably jealous of me, and maybe you should be. I totally get some awesome stuff and great clothes are really good prices. I pay the same prices our regular customers do, so it’s completely fair all the way around. Plus […]