Explained Abscenses

I took over the crazy train and I will be in Florida for most of this week. With a stop in Norfolk, VA again because I just can’t quit that bar. 😉

I am sure Amtrak will love the 75lbs of these I intend on bringing back!


So I will be radio silent […]

Stinky Plants & Shoes That Fit

For every pair that fits, there were a dozen that didn’t.

And that’s why when we find a pair that does fit…we embody this:

“Shoes” in this case are both literal and figurative in my life. Literally, I have zero luck finding shoes that are not ankle length or higher. So when I do…I […]

The Price of Change...

Not my site, just my body. And well, we are actually done moving. But I feel like I will never make any sort of progress as to settling into the new place.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me. Filled with distractions, tiredness, frustration and joy.

See I love change, if ‘wanderlust’ is […]