Friday Finals - All The Feels

Raven Cat – June 27, 2012 Still miss ya’ old lady.

Final Quote –

“Don’t stress the could haves…if it should have…it would have.” ~Unknown

Final Thoughts –

Why is tape so damn expensive? I mean….it’s basically moving gold.

Final Animated Stuff –

This video is all […]

Wordless - May 27, 2015

Wordless – May 13, 2015

Moving – The State of Our Spaces & The New Space

So we finally settled on a place, it’s very close to my job and fairly close to Eric’s. We’re just over a month and a half from moving day and naturally my inner micro-manager wants to box all my shit up now and wait it out.

The last two times I’ve moved it’s been […]

Bunday Sunday – April 26, 2015

HRH Willow Harbinger of DOOM

Willow & Benjamin seem to be a bit happier now that they’re back on the patio.

Sir Benjamin von Poofenstein