Final Thoughts - Friday, January 23, 2015

Final Song –

And oldie but a goodie — “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” by Jewel

♪♫ Growing up is not an absence of dreaming, it’s being able to understand the difference between the ones you can hold and that one’s that you’ve been sold. ♫♪

Final Article –

Seriously, I have nothing for […]

Thrity Something

Just look at my early 2005 baby face.Where the frell did that decade go?

Me? I hate birthdays. Especially mine.

I think my 21st birthday was probably the last one I actually enjoyed. So, my post today is about that. It’s a filler post, because I’m 31 and can’t think of anything else to […]

Five Things Friday -


Work Froggies


Playing along today with The Other Juliette’s blog train again. Today’s topic is “Five favorite things.” I’m going to make two lists, one of favorite things and another of least favorite things. Mostly so I feel like I actually wrote today as opposed to not. Hell if this gets any […]

A Thirty Something Playlist

Music is a big part of my memory, it’s actually the way I remember things. I connect things to song on purpose because it allows me to recall them better. This has it’s major up and major downs…

For instance it basically grants music complete control of my mood and the ability to change it […]