Someone Else’s Words on Wednesday – June 10, 2015

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Friday Finals: March 27, 20115

Mom’s Naked Chicks

Final Quote –

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out, than it would have been if it had never shown.” ~John Steinbeck

Final Thoughts –

I will finally be getting tested for ADD and I finally have a psychiatrist I like. These are good things. […]

Finals - February 6, 2015

Final Quote –

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” ~ Jean de La Fontaine

Final Thoughts –

Football in America is nothing but modern “bread and circuses” and the fact the Koch family has figured this out…..means we’re screwed as a country. Also, […]

Finals - January 30, 2015

Final Quote –

“Your mind is a garden. Without a strong fence, animals will get in and destroy your crops. Avoid the destructive influence of negative opinion and misinformation. Keep the animals out.” ~ James McCrae

Final Thoughts –

My car hates me, hence the picture above. That thing, on […]

Tiny Tips - To Clip or Not To Clip

This is the inaugural post of a new series I have righteously dubbed: “Tiff’s Tiny Tips”. How’s that for alliteration? This weekend I’m going to share with you what is probably my favorite coupon secret:

I don’t clip that many and I rarely buy newspapers.

This past Sunday I decided to bite […]