I Went Nuts & Threw out 75% of the Crap I Own... Part 1

Not an enjoyable thing to come home to.

After a lifetime of mess at the ripe juvenile’s age of 32 I am ready to be rid of the mess. This revelation presents certain issues as E & I do not necessarily view possessions with the same mindset. I could easily get rid of 90% […]

Late Bloomers - Schluming It

Look at my plants!!! Aren’t they pretty?!?! *swoon*

The second eldest of my Christmas Cacti, who is actually more of a Halloween/Thanksgiving “Cacti” is flowering. This one is probably 2 years old at this point, she was most likely a broken stem when my 7 year old got murdered by the wind two years ago. […]

Life, Love, Learning & Anxiety: Part Two

Last week, or rather over a week ago, I posted about my anxiety attacks. They’re a big part of my adult life, something I never really experienced as a child. Well, at least in their present sense. I have always, always been a nail biter. (Which is why you will never see me post […]

30 in 30 & Other Stuff

An industrious inspirational friend of mine decided to start a “30 in 30” cleaning out project. I, being a well intentioned inadvertent hoarder probably needed the push. The first day was purging the box collection we have her in the apartment and today was day #2. Today I decided that it is completely unlikely I […]