Late Bloomers - Schluming It

Look at my plants!!! Aren’t they pretty?!?! *swoon*

The second eldest of my Christmas Cacti, who is actually more of a Halloween/Thanksgiving “Cacti” is flowering. This one is probably 2 years old at this point, she was most likely a broken stem when my 7 year old got murdered by the wind two years ago. […]

Dear Tiny Wish Jar,


Hello Dandelion Poof,

How are you? I know you’re probably in hell, sitting in this tiny jar on my window waiting to be blown off into the wind to ruin some yuppy’s perfectly manicured lawn. I hope you look forward to that day, it will be the day your whole existence was made […]

Stinky Plants & Shoes That Fit

For every pair that fits, there were a dozen that didn’t.

And that’s why when we find a pair that does fit…we embody this:

“Shoes” in this case are both literal and figurative in my life. Literally, I have zero luck finding shoes that are not ankle length or higher. So when I do…I […]