Wishlists -- Kate Spade Idiom Bracelets

My small Kate Spade collection.


These days I go to bed far too early, but sometimes I lay down and I can’t fall asleep right away so I start browsing Pinterest or Poshmark.* This is pretty much a black whole for me as it is most people. Poshmark has the added benefit of […]

#lotterydreams - Shoes Edition

#lotterydreams -- Jimmy Choo

Ahh shoes, that thing I always wear to the point of it being awkward. I hate having bare feet and almost always have socks on. People generally get used to the way I am about it, but I hate going over to people’s houses because I fear the dreaded, “we just spent $10k on the […]

Trina Turk

I would just have Trina Turk design my entire wardrobe and call it even. I love so much of her stuff, but she’s definitely out of my price range if buying her clothing in a retail store. The few pieces I own were purchased second hand through Poshmark or on steep discount at a retail […]

Fashion Fridays – Lucky Brand Fall Line Up

There are certain brands I’ve always had a thing for, even when I was younger before I cared about fashion, (or how I looked for that matter,) I felt drawn to their designs. Lucky Brand is one of them. While frequently *WELL* out of my price range I find myself walking into their stores and […]

Fashion Fridays - Milly

I can’t tell you exactly when I looked in my closet and realized that I hated everything I owned, that none of it fit anymore and that I didn’t feel at home in 95% of my clothing. You can usually find me in yoga shorts and a tank top when I’m at home. I like […]