Wishlists - Things I Can't Buy

Warning: This is gonna get political. To not always feel like I am stuck where I am, unable to move. To not always feel like I am drowning in a sea of others who don’t care about the things I care about. That somehow magically all these babies in my family make it. That […]

Stinky Plants & Shoes That Fit

For every pair that fits, there were a dozen that didn’t.

And that’s why when we find a pair that does fit…we embody this:

“Shoes” in this case are both literal and figurative in my life. Literally, I have zero luck finding shoes that are not ankle length or higher. So when I do…I […]

If Wishes Were Like Horses….

I made a wish on a tree today…I mean after all, what could be the harm? Meteors never seem to work, nor do rainbows. Who knows, maybe that Dogwood tree is the correct venue.

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The Price of Change...

Not my site, just my body. And well, we are actually done moving. But I feel like I will never make any sort of progress as to settling into the new place.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me. Filled with distractions, tiredness, frustration and joy.

See I love change, if ‘wanderlust’ is […]

I Don't Do Knock-Offs And Neither Should You

This is counterfeit Coach purse. Looks a lot like a real one doesn’t it?

Welcome to a multi-week series of mine discussing counterfeit and reproductions goods not only in fashion but in other areas as well. I intend to cover what these things mean to me as well as legalities, economic side […]