14 Years….

14 Years Ago

It took me a long time to be okay with with even discussing 9-11 and the two days after. There isn’t really much to talk about anymore that isn’t deeply political, so here it goes.

I miss America, or rather…I miss the America I don’t see happening. I miss the days […]

Wordy - July 1st, 2015

Day Five: Marriage Has Not Been Destroyed

So The Supreme Court of The United States did a thing. And imagine that? Five days later, I am happy to report that Virginia has no devolved into a giant sex orgy where Teh Evehl Gahyes are preying on heterosexuals and that most of the “traditional” marriages […]

Friday Finals - All The Feels

Raven Cat – June 27, 2012 Still miss ya’ old lady.

Final Quote –

“Don’t stress the could haves…if it should have…it would have.” ~Unknown

Final Thoughts –

Why is tape so damn expensive? I mean….it’s basically moving gold.

Final Animated Stuff –

This video is all […]

Friday Finals - The Thunder Rolls

Deep in her heart….the thunder rolls….

Final Quote –

“Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light.” ~ Groucho Marx

Final Thoughts –

Stay tuned for SoapBox Saturday….I’ve got something on my mind.

Final Animated Stuff –

All my nerds are having a moment over […]

Friday Finals - Unicorn Sizes & 2016

Warning…..I get my potty mouth on at the bottom of this post. #sorrynotsorry Final Quote –

“He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.” ~ Michelle Obama

Final Thoughts –