Someone Else’s Words on Wednesday – June 10, 2015

If you have questions…please ask, I will try to answer.




Wordless – June 3, 2015

Shot with Nikon D5300, with 18-55mm kit zoom lens @ 34mm. Cropped and white balance edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Wordless – May 13, 2015

Moving - Things I Won't Miss

Hello Internet! I’m here today to rant, rave and curse about how much I hate apartment life and probably love on it a little as well.

You see I’m moving in just over a month…and quite frankly…I’m not packing enough, I’m not cleaning out enough. I am stuck…in a funk.

A pre-move….”why the fuck […]

Sunday Bunday – May 10, 2015

The State of The Buns:

Mistress Willow Harbringer of DOOM!!!

Benjamin von Poofenstein

Willow Overlooking Her Minion

Liam The Terrible


Captain Jack Hottness