Tiny Tips - To Clip or Not To Clip

This is the inaugural post of a new series I have righteously dubbed: “Tiff’s Tiny Tips”. How’s that for alliteration? This weekend I’m going to share with you what is probably my favorite coupon secret:

I don’t clip that many and I rarely buy newspapers.

This past Sunday I decided to bite […]

Wishlists -- Kate Spade Idiom Bracelets

My small Kate Spade collection.


These days I go to bed far too early, but sometimes I lay down and I can’t fall asleep right away so I start browsing Pinterest or Poshmark.* This is pretty much a black whole for me as it is most people. Poshmark has the added benefit of […]

Thriftstore Thursdays: Bad Habits: Buying Things for a Life I Don't Have

In this life I decorate for every holiday with tons of cutesy thing-a-mabobs that I will show off while having a dinner party wearing a sweater thingy….

Working in a thrift store is a constant test of my willpower. Some days are better than others…I leave things I want behind, other I spend more […]

And Then I Broke My Closet : Before & During The Great Collapse

About the time I release this upon the world I will be down in Fredericksburg, VA watching my baby sister graduate high school. This week has been a roller coaster for me at work, home and in my head. Things are scattered and I was making progress until I realized out of the corner […]

#lotterydreams - Shoes Edition

#lotterydreams -- Jimmy Choo

Ahh shoes, that thing I always wear to the point of it being awkward. I hate having bare feet and almost always have socks on. People generally get used to the way I am about it, but I hate going over to people’s houses because I fear the dreaded, “we just spent $10k on the […]