I Went Nuts & Threw out 75% of the Crap I Own... Part 1

2016-03-28 17.15.20

Not an enjoyable thing to come home to.

After a lifetime of mess at the ripe juvenile’s age of 32 I am ready to be rid of the mess. This revelation presents certain issues as E & I do not necessarily view possessions with the same mindset. I could easily get rid of 90% of my possessions and buy a Winnebago and live the wanderlust life with my bunnies riding with me. E like things, his belongings make him feel at peace and the are a comfort to him. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of us, we are just different on this front. I am sure the idea of the two of us being married is probably funny to some of you at this point but we make it work.

Just recently E acquired a rather large trophy cabinet which will soon be home to the prizes in his rather abundant video game collection. My acceptance of this case, apparently surprises some but the truth is, if he I going to have this collection I would like it to be well cared for and displayed in a manner  that makes him proud. Right now, we’re seven months into our first home together and the house is still a mess. Being active second-hand enthusiasts and making decent money at flipping, we always have an influx.  The piles grow and we do our best to keep up.

About six months ago I was trolling Reddit, as many Millennials do, and saw both praise and kvetching about this woman named Konmari and her book, that was destined to litter thrift stores with glorious finds as people everywhere purged their house of anything that doesn’t bring them ‘joy’. Having not read anything else I just assumed it was another of the many methods of self help the Internet has brought us. I placed the book on preserve at my local library three months ago and it only recently got to me.

Over the last two nights I have been reading the first chapter of her book and nothing strikes me as out of the ordinary, other than perhaps her childhood obsession with organizing which leads me to believe Mari Kon missed her calling as an archivist. The idea that none of us know how to truly maintain our spaces and keep them tidy is not a huge leap, my grandmother is perhaps the last matriarch who can truly maintain a space. I certainly did not acquire a tidy nature being around thrift stores my entire life, it took me years to finally accept that short of my photos, family jewelry and coin collection, I am not truly attached to much.

I decided after delving into the second chapter, that I would try to visualize why I want. I came up blank.  I can not articulate what I would like for my life at home to resemble. I know the feeling but the words are lost upon me. Which is very…disconcerting. So I took to the one truly comprehensive visual source I use, Pinterest.

My “dream home” board was really just a bunch of stuff I might like. I created a new board and moved the pins that I connected with to it, I then deleted both the “dream home” board and my organizational board. Because if there is one thing I agreed with thus far in the book, it is that obsessing over organization is not solving my problems. It’s just a piece of gum holding the air in the tires of my life. My board thus far is pretty empty, but it is a start. You can see it here.

Next post? Why, that will be what happened when I folded all my clothes into my two lingerie chests. So stay tuned!

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