Late Bloomers - Schluming It

Look at my plants!!! Aren’t they pretty?!?! *swoon*

The second eldest of my Christmas Cacti, who is actually more of a Halloween/Thanksgiving “Cacti” is flowering. This one is probably 2 years old at this point, she was most likely a broken stem when my 7 year old got murdered by the wind two years ago. I’ve never had much success with any other color. I currently have three “babies” who have blooms but I don’t think they’re going to open. I also have a jar full of stems rooting from when I pruned my eldest plant a month ago.

The botanical genus of this plant is Schlumbergera. They’re most likely Schlumbergera truncata, but you would have to ask an actual botanist. I just grow these things for their yearly blooms and rather resilient nature. (Also, I’ve pretty much always had one around since birth.)

The secret to happiness I have found it to put them outside for the summer in shade and let the heat get them a little. They will burn though, so no direct sunlight. Much like orchids, they are epiphytic or epilithic.  If you do end up with one of these in your care, please plant them in gritty/rocky soil, they don’t like regular potting soil as it kills their rather fine roots.

2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (1)2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (2)2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (3)2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (4)

I hope whomever reads this has a lovely Thanksgiving!

Also….if you wish to adopt a Schlumbergera….I have plenty to share! 🙂

Cheers & Beers,


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