The State of Dysfunction

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Nags Head, NC – August 2012

So…it’s been a while again. A lot has happened since moving and I am happy to report that it is Day 41 and Marriage has NOT been destroyed. At least not anymore than it had previously been destroyed by hetero-couples.
Also, despite comments to the contrary, I have also not turned into a giant lesbian. My support for equality has more to do with human empathy than any secret “lingerings” in my mind.

Me, My body & Health

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Invisible Pain

Anyhow, politics aside. I am alive, E is alive…and our house is still covered in crap. I suspect we will get fully unpacked right about the time to renew our lease. Nintendo will be the death of me and so will giant Ikea bookshelves.

The last month has been chaos for me, I haven’t felt well and the general stresses of life have been getting to me. This week I saw 3 doctors, my Gyn, general practitioner and my psychiatrist.
About two weeks ago I had a flair up of several old symptoms of mine that my Navy doctor attributed Fibromyalgia, but before the diagnosis could progress my husband at the time got booted. The flairs come and go like a bad menstrual cycle that doesn’t quit. I’d apologize if that’s TMI, but that’s the easiest way to explain it. The complicated way involves trying to explain tenderness and bruising and I haven’t the time in this post.
Well after all the blood, immune, liver and thyroid tests required, I have Fibromyalgia. I pretty much knew this, but tied with the gluten-sensitivity things have started to make more sense. Unfortunately all these things have resulted in my being completely drained of energy. Though all my organs seem to be functioning well, I still feel like crap on any given day. But hopefully with the new meds and a closer focus on the diet, things will get better.


As for this space, I am currently working on ideas to refocus, re-brand and get to work trying to make a difference in at least someone’s life. E & I have a pretty good working relationship when it comes to our resale & hobbies and I would like to put that to work for us more so than I already have. As some of you may know i do have an Etsy shop. I have recently re-branded to align with the shop and soon I will begin offering more products in the set areas E & I love. While vintage jewelry and electronics do not typically align, it is my goal to make it work.
This blog will shift focus to practical things that matter in my life. Less focus on fashion and more focus on substance. I will still post about these things, but not as much. There are a million fashion bloggers and I don’t have the chops to be one of them.
I will also focus on the actual science of life and health, there are far too many blogs out there that focus on homeopathy, “alternative” medicine and various other snake oil solutions to our problems. Fibromyalgia is a huge target for these purveyors of scientific-illiteracy and in the last few days alone I’ve read probably a dozen articles that just make me sick. I want to be healthy as much as anyone and it annoys me that this condition is so poorly understood, but snake oil is dangerous and largely just a drain on the money or hard-working ill people. I want to help combat this.
I also want to work more on small-scale homesteading and want to share my progress with everyone. Now, I’m in no way attached to the idea of never going to the supermarket, but I do enjoy the idea of growing my own veggies and such. I enjoy canning and the like.
There is also my creative side that is massively malnourished. I think my first project is going to be curtains, after I figure out how to thread my Serger.

Arthur Schopenhauer Quote


I also want this website to be something people enjoy looking at. So I’m open to suggestions for designers to give this place a face lift.
Hopefully these goals will make this place more enjoyable. In the meantime, growing pains are the way we learn.
Cheers & Beers!

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