Friday Finals - All The Feels

Raven Cat - June 27, 2012 Still miss ya' old lady.

Raven Cat – June 27, 2012
Still miss ya’ old lady.

Final Quote –

“Don’t stress the could haves…if it should have…it would have.” ~Unknown

Final Thoughts –

Why is tape so damn expensive? I mean….it’s basically moving gold.

Final Animated Stuff –

This video is all over the place, but christ she’s hot in leather…. Could have lived without Kendrik Lamar though.

// Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes…you say sorry just for show…

Final Article –

Science-Based Medicine is by far one of my favorite blogs, but “‘Science’ You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” is extra awesome.

Final Pin –

Here, because it’s 1950’s Avengers….and nobody puts baby in a corner…except Agent Coulson.

Final Want –

Marc Jacobs can clearly read my mind.

Final Politics –

If Caityln Jenner is a problem for you…you need to get a life and quit living in hers.




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