Moving – The State of Our Spaces & The New Space


So we finally settled on a place, it’s very close to my job and fairly close to Eric’s. We’re just over a month and a half from moving day and naturally my inner micro-manager wants to box all my shit up now and wait it out.

The last two times I’ve moved it’s been either a long drawn-out process or a quick-chaotic process. I would prefer something in the middle of those two plans, a bit more methodical and a lot less lengthy.

I have three lives worth of stuff. There are untold boxes at my mother’s and father’s that haven’t been touched in ages. Some of which will have to stay as the place we’re getting is far from large enough for all my stuff. A lot of it needs to go, I have lived two years of my life without looking at the vast majority of it, it’s clear that it’s not special to me in any way.

Eric has a metric tonne of video games and various stuff he has to get through as well. Most of his stuff we’re gonna put in the new place, my collections need to shrink a bit as it were and his are way nicer….and nerdier.

The house we will be moving into is currently a mess, but I took some photos to share of the “before” our realtor is in the process of redoing the house, so it will look totally different. For the first time in my entire life that house will not be yellow. (It’s been yellow for as long as I can remember.) It’s a house on a corner I’ve driven past a lot in this life of mine.

So here are the pictures I do have, my iPhone apparently wanted no part of focusing in this place. I will get better pictures next week.

Stay tuned for more updates! I will be blogging about my adventures on this front for a while probably.

Cheers & Beers,


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