Friday Finals - The Thunder Rolls

Deep in her heart....the thunder rolls....

Deep in her heart….the thunder rolls….

Final Quote –

“Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light.” ~ Groucho Marx

Final Thoughts –

Stay tuned for SoapBox Saturday….I’ve got something on my mind.

Final Animated Stuff –

All my nerds are having a moment over the new StarWars trailer…which has my attention.

Final Article –

Vaccines Wall Street Journal! Now, get your children vaccinated or else you have to put them in a private school for children born to stupid parents. (This does not include children with a legitimate allergy or medical reason to not be vaccinate.)

Final Pin –

Here, because it’s the first piece of painted furniture I have seen in ages that I adore!

Final Want –


…because even the classiest of evening requires a little Batman.

Final Politics –

Drones? Probably a bad idea? Obama a bad President? Nope, shit happens. Bush Jr. started a war my generation will pay for, for decades to come monetarily, physically and socially.


I’m not allergic to wheat, so I do not have Celiacs. Which I am grateful for, but I’ve definitely got issues that will require further investigation. I’m tired of being afraid to eat.



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