Friday Finals - 1st World Problems

Night Views

Night Views

Final Quote –

“You were wild here once, don’t let them tame you.” ~Isadora Duncan

Final Thoughts –

I really wish there was a cure for entitled white-boy syndrome.

Final Animated Stuff –


Final Article –

Your “size” in the “omg I’m a size 12!!” sense doesn’t matter and this is why.

Final Pin –

Here, because what else will us two grow-ups with jobs and no kids do with our money?

Final Want –

Anthropologie esque bunny ring.

Final News –

Despite the best attempts of traitors in our own goverment an agreement has been reached with Iran. One can hope that we as a species will some day move beyond all this nonsense. (Just so we’re clear, I think they should all be tried for sedition.)


I took my ADD test today….and that was weird. But the outcome remains to be seen. #attentionspanofagnat




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