Mondays: Help Me I'm Holding on for Dear Life....


Won’t look down won’t open my eyes,
Keep my glass full until morning light,
’cause I’m just holding on for tonight…

In a little under 60 days, I have to move. (Nope, not a choice.) I’ve known this for a while now. But you’d never know that by looking at my bedroom, my savings account and my habits. I’ve been doing better about not spending a lot of money but a large part of that is probably the need to eat coupled with the loss of my food-stamps. (Apparently, $12 an hour, full-time is enough to live on in an area where the minimum needed to “live comfortably” is something like $108.1k a year. In case you suck at math: That’s almost 5x what I make.

I think the only reason I haven’t flat out lost my shit again over all this is Zoloft, though I also am not sleeping well thanks to said Zoloft. But the anxiety isn’t as bad as it was.

It looks like, E & I will be moving to Culpeper or the vicinity. That is a solid hour commute for me and 1.5 for him on a good day. Most day’s he’s look at 2 hours and mine will be 1.5 hours. I’m pretty much not going to have a life during the week. The upside is, out there we can get the space we need for all our stuff and Culpeper is pretty bitchin’.

It has a German restaurant hidden in a basement of another restaurant, and let me tell you….that sauerkraut was the best I have had since I was probably 8 and I used to get it made by the little German ladies at The Thrift Shop.

Just look at that? Potato salad that is not coated in Mayo, Apple Freaking Sauerkraut...and only the finest of sausages...

Just look at that? Potato salad that is not coated in Mayo, Apple Freaking Sauerkraut…and only the finest of sausages……and I wonder why I’m chucking on the pounds.

The nice thing is there is also a train station in the little town, so when E & I finally decide to go to New York we can just get the hell on a train. But again…a long commute. That’s 3-4 hours of my life everyday, shot to hell, because life won’t let me leave the DC Metro area. I really miss Birmingham, AL’s cost of living.


There's also this!

There’s also this!

So I suppose E & I are destined to become “those” people, the hipsters escaping the city for a small town under a mountain. It’ll be fun.



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