Friday Finals: March 27, 20115

Mom’s Naked Chicks

Final Quote –

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out, than it would have been if it had never shown.” ~John Steinbeck

Final Thoughts –

I will finally be getting tested for ADD and I finally have a psychiatrist I like. These are good things. I also need to check out this book she recommended titled “Quiet”, have any of you read it?

Final Animated Stuff –


Final Article –

“Over the years, NASA has had to beg and scrape to get the relatively small amount of money it gets—less than half a percent of the national budget—and still manages to do great things with it. Cruz is worried NASA’s focus needs to be more on space exploration. Fine. Then give them enough money to do everything in their charter: Explore space, send humans there, and study our planet. Whether you think climate change is real or not—and it is— telling NASA they should turn a blind eye to the environment of our own planet is insanity.” from Slate

Final Pin –

Here, because I want to know who thinks this stuff up? How much alcohol do you have to consume before you start thinking outside the box like this?

Final Want –

Short sleeve shirts for work that are light enough to be comfortable, free enough but not shapeless, not flowery and not frelling transparent!!

Final News –

I really wish I, as a depressed person, could get through a few weeks without some asshole drawing the worst kind of attention possible to the condition. Thanks Co-Pilot asshat, thanks a lot…

And to the families that lost loved ones…there is nothing I can say that will fix the holes you have in your heart. But know that my thoughts are with you.


I survived “compliance week” at work, I’m still employed…I pissed off a friend by speaking the truth…and in the end I did the best I could. Not everyone is happy and not everyone is sad. I won.

Go check out Pierced Wonderings! She’s got some great photos of Vicksburg up!



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