The Problem With Pinterest...

…is probably the one thing I like about Reddit. Reddit is a community, it allows you to shoot down those who post things that are ignorant, harmful or outright stupid. Pinterest on the other hand? Has been hijacked by anti-vaxxers, alternative medicine quacks and diet quacks. In the words of my boyfriend, who is an actual genius, regarding alternative medicine; “If it worked it would be called ‘medicine.'” You see, my entire pinterest feed these days is full of the ramblings of those who are either scientifically illiterate or those who are not, but just choose to peddle quackery to make a buck.


Those “wraps”? Yup, total gorram bullshit. The company name is “It works!” to convey a subliminal message to you and make you believe it does. Yeah, it works for a few days…but you have to keep using them. They work in the short term because you’re dehydrating your skin cells. Which is going to make them age faster, and make you need miracle creams sooner. It’s all a goddamned scam and you should be ashamed of yourself for giving into them and wasting your money. There is now “quick” fix. Having a healthy body, in a healthy weight is a lifestyle choice unless you have a list of legitimate medical conditions.

Anti-GMO posts? Anti-vaccine posts? Detox shakes? All total bullshit.


Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

The anti-vax movement is responsible for sickening millions of children in AMERICA, a ‘1st’ world country with the measles and whopping cough.

That doctor who did that bullshit study on vaccines and Autism? Should be charged with crimes against humanity and sent to the Hague. He has created and entire generation of hipster millennial parents who think giving birth makes them smarter than hundreds of years of ACTUAL scientific research and education. “Doctor” Wakefield is a mass murderer. I have an Autistic nephew and I am the first to say support attempts to better understand that condition and help improve their lives, but I by no means believe my nephew has an illness or a disorder that makes him any less intelligent or likely to succeeded than your “neuro-typical” socialite wonder child. I believe Autism is the name we have given to a set of personality traits a bunch of extroverts have decided is “abnormal”. There are also a lot of people out there who use “my child has autism” as an excuse to cover for the fact their kid is different. This is also a HUGE problem, as the lack of a professional diagnosis and the high probability of people using it as a sympathy card undermines the actual research and advancement of an understand of this disorder. If you know anyone like this, it’s your job to shut them down. Yes, there are severe cases where the people truly do have a disability, but not ever kid on the “spectrum” is ill and needs an entire scam industry devoted to “curing” them. We need to stop rushing to brand everything as weird and focus on integrating different personalities, learning and communication styles into the world as a whole. I will never be normal like them, he will never be normal like them and that’s just fine.

GMOs? News flash, everything humans have harvested and planted is “genetically modified” by humans. There is nothing “organic” about corn as you know it today. A few millenia ago, it was a shitty grass that grew in the plains. WE MODIFIED IT THROUGH SELECTION TO CREATE THE CORN YOU EAT OUT OF A CAN.

Detox shakes? Oil pulling? You have kidneys for a reason and oil CAN NOT PULL ANYTHING from your skin.

I haven’t drank the Koolaid, I hate that shit. I’ve educated myself, I’ve learned how logic works and I’ve embraced EDUCATION that doesn’t just justify the train of thoughts I already have. I do not allow myself to live in a bubble of affirmation so I don’t have to face the hard realization that comes with thinking and intelligence:

I am ignorant. There is a lot of things I am never going to know and that I will never understand. Knowing this in the core of my soul makes me a good person. It makes me question the things that are thrown up on Pinterest by people who are either balls out evil, clinically insane or willfully ignorant.

When you post these things you are part of the problem. You are a symptom of 1st world elitist ignorance and you are a problem. You are a problem with humanity as a whole. Your inability to address your own cognitive dissonance or at the very least acknowledge it means that you have stopped wanting to be a productive and educated member of society.

Stew on that for a bit. Stew on the fact that Pinterest is basically a forum for the worlds willfully ignorant and scientifically illiterate to spread their damaging nonsense and you have NO WAY to fight back against it. There is no system to down-vote their crap. There is no way to respond to comments with, “you’re wrong and here is the PEER REVIEWED science that says why.”

And think about the fact that you can’t do that, or else you’re a bitch. Me? I’m a bitch. I will tell a person to their face that they are ignorant and keep talking and cutting them off until they either go away or actually listen. We’re not allowed to call people out because the ignorant or willfully damaging people amoung us cry when we do. But since when has life been fair? When did we decide that freedom of speech meant the freedom to spout your bullshit without contest?

America, Pinterest…Fellow Humans. We have a problem.

We have a problem that can only be solved by making people uncomfortable, by shouting down their hateful, dangerous, anti-science based bullshit. By refusing to allow people to post things has covered a hundred times as bullshit. We can solve this problem by refusing to let them call us “bitchy” or claiming that their right to free speech somehow means freedom from the consequences of their speech. We needs to stop letting them shout over us and letting them make us feel bad for not being “nice.” It’s not about being nice, it’s about preventing another child from getting the goddamned Whopping Cough because some, horrifyingly enough, often college educated white person heard it from some friend WITHOUT A SCIENCE OR MEDICAL DEGREE that they might cause issues. Yeah, if a child is allergic it’s going to cause issues. But those children who can not be vaccinated RELY on the rest of us to protect them from this shit. So many of these parents have educations and it’s HORRIFYING that apparently we are producing educated individuals who are not capable of logical thought and also exhibit  a stunning lack of desire to question the things they are told.

Change starts with you. Change starts with me. Change starts with embracing the intelligent asshole inside of you and shooting these things down.

Educate yourself, educate those around you….even if it makes you an asshole.


Best Wishes from One Asshole to Another,




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