Finals - January 30, 2015


Final Quote –

“Your mind is a garden. Without a strong fence, animals will get in and destroy your crops. Avoid the destructive influence of negative opinion and misinformation. Keep the animals out.” ~ James McCrae

Final Thoughts –

My car hates me, hence the picture above. That thing, on that drill bit, is a part of my transmission cooler line that decided to break for no goddamned reason at all. Thankfully the better-looking-half is a redneck genius…what with the pliers and a drill bit to get that damn broken piece out of the transmission.

Final Song –

Stone Sour’s, “Through Glass.” I have no idea how this song is 9 years old…I really don’t. But it is one of my favorites.

♪♫ and it’s the stars, the stars, that shine for you….and it’s the stars, the stars, that lie to you… ♫♪

Final Article – “Don’t Believe Everything You Think: 5 Tips for a Happier Mind” from Shit Your Ego Says

Final Pin –  Here, created by Mae Chevrette, whose blog you can find here.

Final Want –

A working car would be great.

Final News –

I need to be making ~$108k annually to live comfortable here. When kids are coming out of Master’s programs that society, or rather “big business” demands of them,  with $30-40k in debt and they’re making $50k a year, if they got really lucky….it’s no wonder they don’t want to take on any more debt. Never-mind that someone working minimum wage, who is lucky enough to get full-time hours is making at most $15k a year. This is 13% of what they need to live COMFORTABLY, not extravagantly….COMFORTABLY. Seriously America, wake the fuck up and stop kissing the ass off all these corporations that don’t care about you.


Anyhow, I’m out for the evening. Have a good weekend! Stay tuned for part two of my Soapbox Series on science, health and ignorance. Part two will cover how the homeopathy, diet supplement and other quacks target us with their marketing and how to spot these things right away.



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