Wishlists - Things I Can't Buy

2014-05-06 22.10.04
Warning: This is gonna get political.
  • To not always feel like I am stuck where I am, unable to move.
  • To not always feel like I am drowning in a sea of others who don’t care about the things I care about.
  • That somehow magically all these babies in my family make it.
  • That there was some sort of spell I could cast to get all this stuff listed on Etsy and my room clean.

But move past the superficial things and perhaps most importantly and topically;

I wish that certain groups in this country would stop using “religious freedom” to trump my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The groups must be stopped. I don’t care what version of the creation you believe in, your right to believe that, doesn’t trump my right to pursue healthcare the continue my life. Your right to believe in a dickish a-moral god, does NOT trump my rights as a woman to make choices that pertain to my body. Your “belief” that a medicine causes abortions when it SCIENTIFICALLY DOES NOT, does NOT trump my rights to gain access to this medicine. And your rights as a religious person, should NEVER transfer to a for-profit corporation. Because the last time I checked, those Red Letter frowned upon CORPORATE greed. That’s all this is, you don’t get to shame women into submission through the courts while parading around investing in the same companies that produce the “obscenities”. This kind of hypocrisy is the ultimate sin, one I hope you pay for in your after life.

I wish that one day, I as a woman will be able to go see a doctor, make my own choices and not have some dick with a bible-fetish controlling the laws of my country. A country built upon religious freedom, which doesn’t ACTUALLY mean that religions get to control us. It means you have the freedom to practice your religion so long as it doesn’t infringe upon the previously mentioned rights of; Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness.

Happy Fourth of July America…fter all…our deist and atheist founding father’s would be proud.* So lets go watch things explode, eat like pigs and talk about how great we are while millions of children starve in our own country, millions of people go bankrupt while the rich feed you lies  over a can of piss beer or shit liquor.

-Tiffany Out

* P.S. I promise you they are rolling over in the after life if their is one. I also promise Jesus is pissed if he exists.


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