#lotterydreams - Shoes Edition

Ahh shoes, that thing I always wear to the point of it being awkward. I hate having bare feet and almost always have socks on. People generally get used to the way I am about it, but I hate going over to people’s houses because I fear the dreaded, “we just spent $10k on the fancy plush carpeting, please remove your shoes.” I hate how carpet feels on my bare feet and it’s only been since I moved to VA Beach in 2011 that I can walk on the beach barefooted. I have issues….I am aware.

Sometimes to distract myself from whatever various issues are effecting me at the moment, I tend to surf luxury shoes websites and dream of the day I may get to try them on. (Because I seriously doubt I’ll ever be able to bring myself to spend this kind of money on shoes.) This week I’ve found some lovely numbers that Alter-Universe Tiffany would own.

556360_00_zoomFirst up is my dream shoe maker, I love so much of his work, it could kill me if I’d let it. These are “Detailed Pumps” by Ferragamo. They’re a solid $650, which is more than I made at my job last month. But I love how classic they are. I feel like it would add 3″ inches to my height and make me dangerous…


I wish I could say that those were my most expensive fantasy shoe, but then there’s Louboutin…killing me at $1145.

christianlouboutin-bootylili-3131074_BK01_1_1200x1200Aren’t those things sexy? I mean just look at those bad ass bitches, they holler “don’t fuck with me” and “come hither” all at once! It’s like the ultimate bitch bootie. All I know is they’d better immediately mold to my feet and make me feel as though I am walking on only the finest of clouds. But damn they’re sexy….


Jimmy Choo has some pretties as well that I really want, these babies are called “Laguna” and they run $700. The nude heels with the multi-layered tips are just so pretty to me.


And it’s not a day unless I really wish to own something the kind of red you only see on an episode of The Game of Thrones:

44655628DH_12_FGood old Valentino…owning my soul with his “Scarlett Pump” a pretty like $975.

Because #lotterydreams. But hey, that fantasy where I slip all of these on and it’s a like sex…makes me feel better.

So what is your secret vice? What would you buy if you didn’t have anything else in life to worry about?



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