Thrifty Thursdays – Just Another Work Week

Today’s post is all about the #firstworldproblems. You see…I work in a thrift store. You’re probably jealous of me, and maybe you should be. I totally get some awesome stuff and great clothes are really good prices. I pay the same prices our regular customers do, so it’s completely fair all the way around. Plus we support the food voucher program on base, and…I’ve been there, only in The Navy we called in the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Sometimes the end of the month comes before more money.

Well this job of mine is just a part of my life and has been since I was very young. I wish there was a picture of me and my grandmother sorting through piles of crap to sell at a previous version of *our* thrift shop. Alas, those a memories that were not caught in photos. Life sort of came full circle last year after my second, and probably most stressful divorce. The faces were largely the same and things haven’t changed that much. Today I got a quarter an hour raise. It’s still not really enough to justify the 3.5 hour round-trip bus commute, but it keeps my mind busy.

And my laundry basket full.

See we get a lot of stuff in and I have a large family. So I’m always picking something up for someone. Most of the time it’s selfish though. I’ve gotten plenty of nice things thus far and really wish I was better at cataloging the things I find. This week I scored a super sweet Nanette Lepore skirt for $6.75. It’s a bit big, but I’m going to take it to a tailor to see if it can be taken in. Nanette is one of my favorite designers. I stalk her website pawing at many a pretty things I can not have. So naturally, I snatched the skirt up.

It’s so very pretty and the corseting on the back just makes it for me. I hope I can get it tailored. If not I’ll be out $6.75 and it’ll be in my closet on Poshmark. I also got a nice JCrew Chino blazer with some awesome detailing on it. Lots of colors to fit lots of things.

JCrew Blazer

It is my goal to start doing more outfit posts. My biggest issue is photography, I have a remote for my camera, but it is very hard to pose myself and manage the shot. Being a part-time photographer it’s very, very hard to be both.

Skirt – Ann Taylor – Similar //  Top – Bisou Bisou – Similar

The outfit above actually looks awesome in-front of the mirror, but I just take terrible fancy-selfies. Perhaps I will make Eric pull some weight around here and be my photographer. 😉 I doubt he’ll mind. So if you see a sudden improvement in photography it’s because he’s a natural. All in all, I spent about $15 on these pieces. I estimate their retail value over all to be somewhere near $300. So, if you’ve ever felt you just can’t “wear” thrift store clothing, this should be an incentive for you to reconsider. This is just part of the loot I’ve found in thrift stores over my 30 years of life. Like this Coach bag someone else paid atleast $200 for and I only paid $10. 🙂

What’s your best thrift score?


Cheers & Beers,


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