Things I Read This Week - January 17th, 2014

So I’ve been trying to be productive this week but I’ve had a cold, that thanks to my loving boyfriend has been sedated with that stuff idiotic types use to  make meth. All the good stuff these days requires a driver’s license, heaven forbid you have to take above the normal dose to sedate your symptoms as well. You might as well do a dance on the DEA’s lawn.

This week has been an emotional roller-coaster for me, ending on a rather craptastic note thanks to familial difficulties. I’ve mostly drowned my sorrows with The Daily Show & @Midnight. (Chris Hardwick is just too damn cute for words. I have a crush…sorry babe. :* )

Anyhow the highlights of my week for me on the web are:

Like Ordinary Life’s post “The Truth About Washington” — I feel that conflict a lot as well, being a Northern Virginia native.

The Washington Post’s rather terrifying story about DC’s Natural Gas problem. Don’t get me wrong I love this city…but I’d really rather it not be a ticking methane time bomb.

The DEA’s rather impressive cocaine bust in Port Norfolk. To which the only appropriate reaction is:


A piano in Chicago charms some and annoys one.

Jezebel’s article on a male Redditor who couldn’t handle online dating under a female psuedonym for more than two hours. Suddenly he learned we aren’t just making the harassment up! Because apparently we can’t be taken at our word. This one gets filed under, “for use when people say stupid things about online dating” and “no shit sherlock.”


This is probably the most serious article I will ever link here, but it’s an issue that hits home for me. Huffington Post did an article on the price of blind patriotism, helplessness and it’s effect on our troops. It is something I think every American should read and digest.



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