Complete Frelling Chaos : 30in30

I have no idea where to start. This place is a disaster. Between School, Work & functional love life….I’m so far behind I might run myself over. There is an easy solution I suppose I could just toss all this shit and start over again. Or I could dedicate myself to getting through it. I honestly don’t know what would be better in the long run.

This is my disaster area...

This is my disaster area…

and my Willow.

and my Willow.

My goal over the next few days is to get this place cleared back up and to touch everything in the room. Starting tomorrow I am hoping to put some more stuff up on Etsy & Ebay. We’ll see. I managed to get through my cord-drawer, I probably have a 7lb bag of crap to get rid of. I mean really, how many sub 5ft pieces of Cat5 wire does a nerd need?

I kept 3. I probably had ten.

Progress….however slow….

Good night everyone!



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