30 in 30 & Other Stuff

An industrious inspirational friend of mine decided to start a “30 in 30” cleaning out project. I, being a well intentioned inadvertent hoarder probably needed the push. The first day was purging the box collection we have her in the apartment and today was day #2. Today I decided that it is completely unlikely I will ever do a photoshoot where I need my ex-husband’s NWU blouse as a prop or the matching hats. So those three items along with two lunch things that haven’t been used since I moved in during Fall 2012 went to work today as donations. It actually felt nice to toss one of the last lingering reminders of Asshole Justin #2. (From now on AJ2.) Pretty much the only things left are in a box I’ll never look in and keep only because I haven’t decided to toss them yet. (I feel like I should keep something in the event I ever breed and my kids ask questions.)


I’ve been sick since my birthday, at some point here I should probably see a doctor, but that’s one of those things I just can’t afford right now. Hopefully out newly elected Governor keeps his promise to opt into the ACA, (or rather ObamaCare if you’re one of those types.)

For my pre-Birthday The BF and I went to the Goodwill Outlet and I spent the day bin diving. (Yes, I am aware the Goodwill is a horrible non-profit, but I was on the hunt for things to flip/resell.) I actually ended up getting a lot of clothes for myself, several pair of pants I intend to make into shorts for the summer, since I can’t seem to find anything for someone my age that doesn’t go to my knee or barely cover my arse.

I might have a t-shirt problem, but I’m trying to upgrade to ones that I can at least pretend were made for adults. The best find was the purple button down in the middle picture, it’s an IZOD shirt and it has proper French Cuffs. I’ve been on the hunt for one for a while now. But now I actually have to invest in a pair of cufflinks. The BF also got a lot of button downs, but he has a real job that he has to be all fancy for, so he probably needed his more than I needed mine. In the end I did get a bunch of stuff to resell. Now I’ve just got to get all of it listed.

Anyhow, that’s how things went for me the last couple of days.




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