Things I Want To Talk About: NCIS Edition

I have a lot on my mind at any given time. This week I want to talk about one of my favorite television characters: Ziva.*

To say I enjoy NCIS would be the understatement of the century. I love every character on that show and despite his 3 ex-wives, I love Gibbs the most. I mostly see a lot of myself in him, the sort of overly pragmatic view at the world. He is better at now showing his emotions than I am at this point, but depending on your view, he also has 20 years of life on me.

This is truly a beautiful picture.

This is truly a beautiful picture.

But I digress…back to Ziva.

When we first meet Ziva no one is really sure what to make of her. Gibbs gives her the same shit he gives everyone new to his little world. This is part of what makes him the man he is. After a while Ziva becomes less static and a lot more dynamic. For one thing, she shoots her brother in the head to save Gibbs. I’m pretty sure that’s the point Gibbs fell in his version of love with her. After a while we all got used to her, the stupid not-love affair with DiNozzo and the fact that for a female character in a predominately male cast…she was well written and strong. (This is not to discredit Abby, I love her to.) The last couple of seasons have put some emphasis on the fact that Ziva is a woman, who despite being aggressive, dominant and by no means girly….is still…girly. Most anyone who watches the show can see tiny little Tivas in her future. But the truth is…

I don’t want them to end up together. I want Ziva to move on and find a life that makes her happy…away from all the things that cause her torment. I want her to find her paradise and live out her life happy until old age. If she stays a fixture in the show she will eventually end up dead. (Leon’s wife anyone?!?) Tonight they release a trailer of Ziva walking in the same Olive field that she was in when her father died. (You can see it here.) Telling Tony (a bearded…sexy Tony) that they would be okay. But I don’t see how.

I am tired of all the women in shows like NCIS, winding up dead or injured. Ziva made her mark in an all-boys club and should get her peace, whatever her version of that is. Tonight they reran the season 8 finale where she and Tony had this back and forth about weddings. In that scene you can see that Ziva isn’t simply an warrior. I enjoyed that scene. But of course I’ve watched too many Joss Whedon shows and been burned to believe for a moment she’ll get her happily ever after…

Hell I’m still bitter about that damn JAG coin-flip.

I’d better get a more concrete finale to NCIS than that.

Or I’ll be angry. Angrier than I get any time they say there’s a bloody toll road near Quantico or they show a farm house near Bull Run Battlefield and claim it’s in Woodbridge or some shit. (This is a huge pet peeve of mine!)

But this picture is better. (I have no idea who the artist is.)

But this picture is better. (I have no idea who the artist is.)

Anyhow, Ziva better get her 2.7 children and happiness or I will rant and rave on this here blog.


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*I do not give a rat’s arse about Miley Cyrus. Hinder has a song called “Striptease” that covers how I feel about that.

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