2016 - A Lot of Dead Monkeys, Because I Quit The Circus

La Jolla, California

2015 was better than 2014 by a long shot, as I characterized 365 days ago. It helps I let go of a lot of things and just learned to accept myself as I am. I figured I would go over what I actually managed to accomplish last year, based on those “goal”, (if you can call them that,) I set and work on some new ones.

  • I will no longer go out of my way to feed one way relationships. If all you’re doing is stressing me out, we’re done. From now on…we won’t even start.

It’s amazing how few new friends I haven’t made this year. The few I did are awesome and I intend to keep them.

"There are certain people in your life that no matter how long you go without talking whenever you do, you pick up where you left off. Or no matter how many miles apart, the distance will never change a thing." ~Someone smarter than me.

“There are certain people in your life that no matter how long you go without talking whenever you do, you pick up where you left off. Or no matter how many miles apart, the distance will never change a thing.” ~Someone smarter than me.

  • I will no longer sacrifice what I want, for what I think will make another happy. I will do what I want when I can, and I don’t want to hear about how I’m making bad choices. My life is a giant list of bad choices, and so was everyone else’s. I’m done punishing myself to make others  happy.
  • I will no longer choose things over travel. I’ve got enough crap. I’m going to travel, so when I get my ass on a plane to Germany in a few months for no reason at all, don’t be shocked, and per #1 on this list….I don’t want to hear anyone’s crap about it either. I will either get to live alone again in this life or I won’t. I will either live with my boyfriend or I won’t. Since the universe decided it didn’t want me to have those things…I am not longer worried about them.

2015-12-11 05.25.54-1

  • I will no longer cater to the weak by mincing words that need to be spoken. The harsh truth is sometimes the only solution. Tact is always paramount, but in the words of Winston Churchill, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

I….will probably never learn The Art of Tact and 2016 is shaping up to be an election year full of idiocy..

  • I will no longer feign extroversion….it’s bloody exhausting and excruciating. Not to mention I spend days trying to recover from it.

My house? It’s really nice? Traveling alone? Is fucking awesome.

  • I am deleting my Facebook, it is the single largest source of all the stress and heartache I feel towards others. Not to mention I hate hearing about politics.

Best 8 months of my life!!! Highly recommend it.

  • I am going to put my phone on “do not disturb” a lot more. Mostly because I hate talking on my phone. Leave me a message and I will get back to you at my leisure. Only call 2 times or more in a row in the event of an actual emergency.

Also worked out REALLY well.

  • I will schedule required “work time” every day of the regular week, to get caught up on Etsy, because I have an awful lot of stuff sitting around that needs to get listed. I need the money.

I has a real job now…but I still need to get caught up on Etsy & Ebay…

  •  I will a lot required “photo sorting” time into each day, a bit extra on the weekends. Because I have 18,600 pictures in Lightroom…. 90% of them are not tagged or sorted properly. This mess of mine weighs on me a lot and I need to get it straight.

This did not happen nearly as much as I needed it to. Currently my “photos” folder houses 21659 photos. >.<

  • I’m going to eat how I feel I should, which is going to mean at times…I’m not going to eat because I can’t afford it. This is the fact of my life at this time and it is not a play for sympathy. I don’t want the sympathy.

I swear…I’m trying, but I miss easy food.

  • I will not beat myself up over not going to school. This will probably be the hardest, because I feel like I should be done by now. But until I find a way to calm my life down it’s not practical. I will revisit this decision in the summer after I have hopefully landed steady full-time work and have paid off some of the things that bother me….and board a plane to a far away place.

Hopefully I can start again in Summer 2016. But if not…so be it.

My song for the year is Hozier’s “Take Me To Church“, it’s probably going to sum up  my feelings about the 2016 political year as well.

2016: Nothing changes on New Year’s Day

So my goals for this year pretty much consist of:

  • Visit London, if only for tea.
  • Own less shit.
  • Save money through buying less shit.
  • Eat better and actually work out the way I should be.
  • Deal with the family photos, the coin collection and the stamp collection.

We’ll see how it all goes.

Happy New Years!


Cheers & Beers,


Late Bloomers - Schluming It

Look at my plants!!! Aren’t they pretty?!?! *swoon*

The second eldest of my Christmas Cacti, who is actually more of a Halloween/Thanksgiving “Cacti” is flowering. This one is probably 2 years old at this point, she was most likely a broken stem when my 7 year old got murdered by the wind two years ago. I’ve never had much success with any other color. I currently have three “babies” who have blooms but I don’t think they’re going to open. I also have a jar full of stems rooting from when I pruned my eldest plant a month ago.

The botanical genus of this plant is Schlumbergera. They’re most likely Schlumbergera truncata, but you would have to ask an actual botanist. I just grow these things for their yearly blooms and rather resilient nature. (Also, I’ve pretty much always had one around since birth.)

The secret to happiness I have found it to put them outside for the summer in shade and let the heat get them a little. They will burn though, so no direct sunlight. Much like orchids, they are epiphytic or epilithic.  If you do end up with one of these in your care, please plant them in gritty/rocky soil, they don’t like regular potting soil as it kills their rather fine roots.

2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (1)2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (2)2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (3)2015-11-24 Schlumbergera (4)

I hope whomever reads this has a lovely Thanksgiving!

Also….if you wish to adopt a Schlumbergera….I have plenty to share! 🙂

Cheers & Beers,


Nothing I have to say means a damn thing, so I will let someone else say it...


We are all citizens of humanity.

With Love,


14 Years….

2001-11 Tiffany

14 Years Ago

It took me a long time to be okay with with even discussing 9-11 and the two days after. There isn’t really much to talk about anymore that isn’t deeply political, so here it goes.

I miss America, or rather…I miss the America I don’t see happening. I miss the days when our country was not run by lobbyists on Capital Hill. I miss the days when guys like Rumsfeld and Cheney would have been tried for treason. I miss the days when we cared about education and our environment. When we didn’t start wars we could never win and when we didn’t allow small groups of people to define our political arena.

I miss the separation of church & state, I miss the idea that even though it said “all men” that the founding father’s truly mean “all humans”. I miss the days when the idea that a person should be able to put in a hard days work and live a good life.  That debtors were not property who could be threatened, that minorities were not to be fears, but embraced. I miss the days when the police existed to “Protect & Serve” not  buy the latest Army hand off tanks they don’t need so that they can ride around and harass whatever minority of choice their, often WASPy,  community leaders hate. I miss the days when poorly-educated, over-worked and under-paid people could not simply buy an assault rifle.  I miss the days when “scientific consensus” was actually revered and outliers were ostracized for their willful abandonment of the very basic principles of science. I miss the idea that war should be avoided unless absolutely necessary and not seen as a chance to grow the economy. I miss the idea that taxes were a patriotic duty and that they should be high enough to fund this country properly. I miss the idea that companies could not be trusted to be socially responsible and were regulated in such a fashion.

I miss a country I have never known…and I fear my nieces and nephews will never know.

I fear that they will continue to grow up in a country that find the profits of corporations more important than an educated voting populace. I fear they will grow up in a country where local police departments will be allowed to continue acting like militias. I fear they will grow up in a country where any wackjob can go out and buy a rifle that can kill a roomful of people in under thirty seconds. I fear they will grow up in a country where the worst of the “old money” continue to run this country because they are not good for anything else. I fear they will grow up in a country with crumbling infrastructure. I fear my nieces will continue to grow-up in a country that treats them and their bodies as if they a pawns to continue populating a rapidly over populating planet. I fear my nephews will continue to live in a world where they are told that girls owe them their kindness and their bodies. I fear they will continue to grow in a world where the idea that someone can remove consent even after the clothes has come off is somehow wrong. I fear they will continue to grow in a world where they are unable to learn the fundamentals of scientific process without being hindered by the religious beliefs of a few. I fear they will grow up in a country that values the bottom lines of corporations over taking care of veterans and ensuring their citizens can eat.

I fear they will never know the country I hope for, my friends died for and the principals of doing the right thing, taking care of others, tolerating difference in other, the value of knowledge and being a good person.

I’m afraid that nothing will change and all those lost on 9-11 and who are suffering from the fall-out of the rescue/recovery efforts and the war that followed.

I am sad that we refuse to learn and that my voice means so little.

I am.


The State of Dysfunction

(C) Tiffany Greer 2012

Nags Head, NC – August 2012

So…it’s been a while again. A lot has happened since moving and I am happy to report that it is Day 41 and Marriage has NOT been destroyed. At least not anymore than it had previously been destroyed by hetero-couples.
Also, despite comments to the contrary, I have also not turned into a giant lesbian. My support for equality has more to do with human empathy than any secret “lingerings” in my mind.

Me, My body & Health

(c) 2015 Tiffany Greer

Invisible Pain

Anyhow, politics aside. I am alive, E is alive…and our house is still covered in crap. I suspect we will get fully unpacked right about the time to renew our lease. Nintendo will be the death of me and so will giant Ikea bookshelves.

The last month has been chaos for me, I haven’t felt well and the general stresses of life have been getting to me. This week I saw 3 doctors, my Gyn, general practitioner and my psychiatrist.
About two weeks ago I had a flair up of several old symptoms of mine that my Navy doctor attributed Fibromyalgia, but before the diagnosis could progress my husband at the time got booted. The flairs come and go like a bad menstrual cycle that doesn’t quit. I’d apologize if that’s TMI, but that’s the easiest way to explain it. The complicated way involves trying to explain tenderness and bruising and I haven’t the time in this post.
Well after all the blood, immune, liver and thyroid tests required, I have Fibromyalgia. I pretty much knew this, but tied with the gluten-sensitivity things have started to make more sense. Unfortunately all these things have resulted in my being completely drained of energy. Though all my organs seem to be functioning well, I still feel like crap on any given day. But hopefully with the new meds and a closer focus on the diet, things will get better.


As for this space, I am currently working on ideas to refocus, re-brand and get to work trying to make a difference in at least someone’s life. E & I have a pretty good working relationship when it comes to our resale & hobbies and I would like to put that to work for us more so than I already have. As some of you may know i do have an Etsy shop. I have recently re-branded to align with the shop and soon I will begin offering more products in the set areas E & I love. While vintage jewelry and electronics do not typically align, it is my goal to make it work.
This blog will shift focus to practical things that matter in my life. Less focus on fashion and more focus on substance. I will still post about these things, but not as much. There are a million fashion bloggers and I don’t have the chops to be one of them.
I will also focus on the actual science of life and health, there are far too many blogs out there that focus on homeopathy, “alternative” medicine and various other snake oil solutions to our problems. Fibromyalgia is a huge target for these purveyors of scientific-illiteracy and in the last few days alone I’ve read probably a dozen articles that just make me sick. I want to be healthy as much as anyone and it annoys me that this condition is so poorly understood, but snake oil is dangerous and largely just a drain on the money or hard-working ill people. I want to help combat this.
I also want to work more on small-scale homesteading and want to share my progress with everyone. Now, I’m in no way attached to the idea of never going to the supermarket, but I do enjoy the idea of growing my own veggies and such. I enjoy canning and the like.
There is also my creative side that is massively malnourished. I think my first project is going to be curtains, after I figure out how to thread my Serger.

Arthur Schopenhauer Quote


I also want this website to be something people enjoy looking at. So I’m open to suggestions for designers to give this place a face lift.
Hopefully these goals will make this place more enjoyable. In the meantime, growing pains are the way we learn.
Cheers & Beers!